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Brunch: Farm Girl Cafe, Notting Hill

Brunch: Farm Girl Cafe, Notting Hill

We took a delightful stroll down to Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill the other day (the holy grail for Instagramming, crop-top wearing, almond milk-appreciating, French-bulldog walking avocado enthusiasts).

Having lived in Sydney for a year, I was only too keen to absorb some hearty Australian brunch vibes (the owner is Aussie entrepreneur Rose Mann). The decor in Farm Girl is suitably rustic with light up neon signs, black and white illustrations and an excellent playlist (perfect volume). On the way in through the courtyard, I spotted a group of girls chattering excitedly over blue latte-looking drinks in Duralex tumblers. An agonising envy washed over me and I squeezed Thierry’s arm with my freshly applied gel nails in glitter pink (to match my new backpack, please see below).

“This is the most hip cafe i’ve ever seen”, he cried, half wanting to turn back. The queue was long. The crowd looked healthy. We were hungover. He took a look at the menu on the wall outside and begrudgingly accepted it would be worth the wait.

30 minutes later, I had somehow wrecked my white jeans by hopping up and down next to a colourful flower bush. We acquired a delightful table by the window and hurriedly ordered:

1 X Butterful Matcha (Organic blue matcha powder with almond milk)

1 X Jax Coco Rasperry Sparkling Coconut Water

1 X Lemony Lemonade

1 X Oven Baked Eggs (Turkish eggs traditionally baked in a tomato, red pepper & parsley sauce + greek yoghurt)

1 X Avocado Toast with lemon juice, fresh coriander & a sprinkle of pomegranate + 1 poached egg

I know what you’re thinking:

“The blue latte thing looks cool but how could it not taste like toilet cleaner?”

“Great – another basic bitch blog post about crushed avo on toast, who cares”

“Your boyfriend is a bloke, he needs a fry-up, not chia seeds and almond butter on gluten free, hemp dipped, cucumber infused toast”

Calm down for one minute and hear me out. This cafe is WONDERFUL. Your dog is welcome. The sour dough bread is perfectly toasted and wholesome. There is an aroma of really decent coffee ready to envelope you on arrival. The pomegranate seeds are a weird and wonderful addition to the avo toast. The Butterfly Matcha was sweet and warming and smile-inducing. Thierry enjoyed baked eggs for the first time ever and was completely satisfied and cured of a 7.5/10 champagne hangover.

All in all, a must-visit. But do be prepared for a wait time of up to 30 mins, because word on the streets of Notting Hill and beyond is that Farm Girl is the only place to be at brunch time (which is all day on a Sunday in London).

Catch you soon!




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