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Weekend Away: The Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield

Weekend Away: The Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield


It is a pleasure it is to have you with us, welcome.

A lot has happened since I last blogged, but one exceptionally notable event is that Thierry turned the grand age of 30! We escaped from the city of London in pursuit of calming and luscious greenery, leaping rabbits and copious amounts of champagne.

I decided to surprise Thierry with a trip to a very talked-about hot spot: The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield. Beaconsfield is a delightful market town and civil parish within the district of South Bucks in Buckinghamshire, 23 and a bit miles WNW of London. It takes around an hour to drive to Beaconsfield from the city, which is absolutely fine when you’re equipped with a fine selection of songs and snacks.

The Crazy Bear is a unique experience, quite unlike any hotel we’ve visited before! This multi-faceted wonderland is a great place to visit for afternoon tea, drinks by the pool, dinner (Thai and English options), a Thai massage, or just to relax and be thrilled in one of the many exuberant rooms available.

I had booked the whole hog for us at The Crazy Bear. Anyone who knows me will be well aware of my excruciating attention to detail when it comes to organizing events. I get a real buzz out of purchasing a new notebook/clipboard and getting my headset on, hounding receptionists day and night until I have curated the perfect combination of arrangements. I take this stuff seriously and pretty much put J*Lo in The Wedding Planner to shame.

The perfect surprise birthday must run seamlessly from start to finish. It has to be a roller coaster of glee, seasoned with excitement, excellent food/drink and glittered with love (obviously). Most importantly, the recipient must never find out what you are planning until the scheduled moment of the reveal. You must behave swan-like in their presence in the weeks preceding the event, cleverly concealing pneumatic peddling feet beneath the surface of your bulging Filofax. Yes, I am that old school.

Running Order

1. We arrived in Beaconsfield, greeted by smiling staff members at The Crazy Bear, wielding 2 chilled glasses of Lanson!

2. We had a tour of the luxury boutique hotel, which (as predicted) was an elaborate and eccentric labyrinth of gasp-worthy decadence

3. Cocktails and small plates in the sun, on the terrace by the pool and hot tub (23 degrees, YES!)

4. We were collected and escorted to our room, which was a show-stopping black and gold superior room on the ground floor. The free-standing copper bath made me want to cry with love, and I did a bit. “I know where we will be watching Love Island later,” I thought to myself, rubbing my hands together with glee. My black and gold ‘Happy Birthday’ sign had been safely delivered ahead of time and it adorned the luxurious bed (color scheme match, check)!

5. Music on. Thierry wastes absolutely no time bouncing off the padded walls and rolling around on the leather floor in a dog-like fashion. I am glad to see that the room is to his liking…

6. The striking doorbell rings and a champagne bucket appears, containing a fabulous gold bottle of Tsarine Cuvee Adriana on ice. Two glasses in and we were definitely feeling the champagne magic 😉

7. We find a quiet, sunny champagne spot outside our room, featuring two outdoor sofas protected by a stylish sun umbrella (I can’t handle the sun like he can).

8. Massage time. We had an hour long Thai massage each in The Crazy Bear treatment rooms (where we promptly fell asleep, whoops). This had been a long time coming and I would suggest that fellow Londoners also experience the joys of a countryside massage! You want to remain zen after your treatment, which I find difficult in Central London when you are met with grid lock traffic/sirens/100,000 tourists on your way home.

9. We are slapped (on the forehead) back to reality by each masseuse! We walk in a calm and zombified manner down to the Thai restaurant and order a filling three course dinner. At this point we were so relaxed that we could barely speak, so more champagne was definitely required.

10. The waitress appeared with Thierry’s 30th birthday desert, complete with a ’30’ shaped candle pressed into his ice cream!!! I was particularly excited about this moment. The magnitude of his milestone birthday felt very ‘real’ at this point and I was blessed to have spent this time with him. Couples on neighboring tables smiled adoringly as Thierry made a wish and blew the candle out. It was all very romantic, even if I did spill a considerable amount of rice down my dress (standard).


All in all, I can safely say that we had an excellent escape from the city.

Thierry is now the very serious age of thirty and I am constantly trying to figure out whether or not he is acting differently with his new age. My verdict is that he is still pretty ’29ish’.

I’d like to thank the amazing staff at The Crazy Bear for being so accommodating and sneaky with my additional requirments. Your timing and service was unrivaled and we will definitely be returning again soon!

If any of you have been somewhere cool in the regional counties, please let me know in the comments. I am planning another weekend away shortly!

Ciao for now,



* Image credit: Top photo is by The Crazy Bear Group. All other images are ours! *

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